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Pipeline Inspections

Together with our technical partners, ROSEN Inspections, Europe, we provide a wide range of inspection services depending on the condition of the line.

Our services include:

Geometric Inspection
The DSV/ROSEN Electronic Geometry Tool were designed to inspect the geometry of pipelines, to locate third-party damage, construction anomalies and to confirm free passage of any other ILI tool. The DSV/ROSEN Geometry tools identify measure and locate any possible obstruction in the pipe.

Metal Loss Inspection
DSV/ROSEN's high-resolution magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspection tool RoCorr•MFL utilizes longitudinal pipe magnetization and is optimized to detect and accurately measure pipeline anomalies such as corrosion, girth weld cracks, mill defects and others.

•Ultrasonic Corrosion Detection
RoCorr•UT inspection tools represent a reliable and effective way of managing the integrity of pipelines for a wide range of pipe wall anomalies.


•Crack and Coating Detection
Pipeline deterioration by stress corrosion cracking (SCC) continues to be an increasing challenge for the pipeline industry. That’s why DSV/ROSEN targeted this problem as a priority in developing its new High Resolution In-Line Inspection tool.


Combined ILI Technology
Combined ILI technology provides accurate and efficient inspection results, making an invaluable contribution to pipeline integrity management.


Leak Detection
DSV/ROSEN’s ultrasonic leak detection technology is the ideal inspection solution for liquid pipelines. RoLeak is designed for robust and easy use, supported by intelligent software to automatically evaluate measurement results with the least possible effort for the pipeline operator.


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