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At DSV Pipetronix, Quality and Safety are one of our Core Values that guides what we do. Our commitment to Safety and Quality is an ongoing one that we strive to live up to every day, an assurance of our future business.

Our goal is to ensure all incidents are eliminated in DSV Pipetronix business activities. We will continue our efforts to sustain the level of commitment expected of all employees as they work proactively towards this.

DSV Pipetronix Limited is committed to:
•  Pursuing the goal of no harm to people at all times.
•  Protecting the environment as we conduct our operations.
•  Complying with all applicable laws and regulations within the areas of our operation.
•  Optimizing the value created for our customers.
•  Providing our employees with the training and support they need to perform at an excellent standard and keep     themselves and others safe.
•  Seeking continuous improvement in our processes, products and services.
•  Promoting a culture in which all her employees share, participate and adhere to this commitment because it’s the Right Thing to Do!



•    I will be alert to unsafe acts (or at risk behaviours) and unsafe conditions, which means I will not walk by to unsafe acts or at- risk behaviours and unsafe conditions but will intervene to stop or correct them.
•    I will put the right trash in the Right Waste Bin.
•    I will make time for Quality and Safety regardless of my position and work pressure.

Despite the inherently hazardous nature of DSV Pipetronix activities, she has never experienced a fatality from any cause.

DSV Pipetronix Limited clocked her First One Million (1,000,000) Man Hour without LTI in August, 2012 despite operating in challenging environments, which truly reflects every employee’s dedication to safety.

Safety of the employees at the base office and on site is absolutely paramount and DSV devotes resources to maintain its excellent Safety Record through rigorous training in best practice, recruitment of skilled and professional HSE Personnel, compliance and strict enforcement of safety regulations.

Key Safety Statistics: 2004-2012

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