HSE Policy


DSV PIPETRONIX LIMITED recognizes that her business activities MUST be conducted in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.

To achieve this, DSV Pipetronix will:

  • Ensure HSE is a key objective equal to all other key business objectives.
  • Give top most priority to the Health, Safety and Security of all its employees, including subcontractors and third parties whomay be affected by its operation.
  • Understand her risks, identify her risks, manage the risks to ensure suitable controls are implemented to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).
  • Understand and comply to applicable National and International legal and Industry requirements, as well as Customer Safety Expectation.
  • Provide and maintain appropriate Training, tools, equipment, PPE, safe and healthy working conditions as required.
  • Consult and engage effectively with employees and customers on HSE matters.
  • Measure our HSE Performance against a set of leading and lagging indicators and report on the progress and performance of our HSE Management System.
  • Hold all levels of Management responsible and accountable for providing leadership, visible commitment and direction to meet our HSE targets /goals.
  • Minimize adverse environmental impacts from the Company’s identified environmental aspects through implementing suitable environmental protection measures.
  • Continually demonstrate that we have a sound HSE Management system, which is open to improvement.

Quality Policy

DSV Pipetronix Limited (DSV) is engaged in the provision of Pipeline Inspection and Maintenance Services, Pipeline Fabrication/Construction Services and Procurement and Sales of Pipeline Pigging Materials to the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

As a dependable and reputable company operating in the Nigerian oil and gas industry, DSV is committed to meeting all requirements associated with its operations and exceeding client expectation in all aspects of quality, delivery, service and cost.

A quality management system in accordance with the requirements of NIS ISO 9001:2008 is therefore established, documented and implemented so that integration and control is
effectively and efficiently exercised of the men, machines, materials and processes utilized in
our operations. Each individual in the company has a responsibility to ensure continual improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Quality objectives as established at relevant levels and functions and in consonance with this
Quality Policy are pursued and reviewed periodically for effectiveness.

This Quality Policy, is communicated and understood throughout the company for
implementation and is periodically reviewed for continuing suitability.


I will be alert to unsafe acts (or at risk behaviours) and unsafe conditions, which means I will not walk by to unsafe acts or at- risk behaviours and unsafe conditions but will intervene to stop or correct them.

I will put the right trash in the Right Waste Bin.

I will make time for Quality and Safety regardless of my position and work pressure.

Community Relations Policy

DSV pipetronix considers social responsibilities as an integral part of her business. We believe that the building of relationship with the communities in which we operate are based on trust and mutual advantage is essential to her operations success. 

Our commitment is to create mutual advantage in all our relationships so that DSV pipetronix is a referred business partner.

DSV Pipetronix limited shall:

  • Recognize that each community is unique and have respect for local values of the communities.


  • Be open, transparent and accountable and thus have good reputation in the community where we operate.


  • Establish and maintain close relationship with all segments of the communities that we work with, to better understand their concerns, needs and expectations and seek regular feedbacks.


  • Set measurable targets and seek to continually improve our standards of community relations involvement.


  • Plan implement & participate in our community relations program.


  • Periodically review and revise our community relations program and procedures to maintain relevance.


  • Continuously assess and abate the social and economic impact of all business activities and take needed preventive or mitigating measures.


  • Maintain al level of consultation with land owners and key stakeholders to ensure that they are aware of current and future activities. Also, clients approved procedures for community relations on current and future activities shall be strictly adhered to.


  • Manage settlements of homage, land acquired for company operations and for damages in demonstrably fair, accountable and transparent manner and in accordance with statutory provisions and approved procedures.


  • Bring relevant issue affecting host communities to the attention of appropriate authorities and other stakeholders that can be of assistance in a timely manner.


  • Any community disturbance or threat shall be reported to the community executives and client without delay. 

Safety Records

Despite the inherently hazardous nature of DSV Pipetronix activities, she has never experienced a fatality from any cause.

DSV Pipetronix Limited clocked her First One Million (1,000,000) Man Hour without LTI in August, 2012 despite operating in challenging environments, which truly reflects every employee’s dedication to safety.

Safety of the employees at the base office and on site is absolutely paramount and DSV devotes resources to maintain its excellent Safety Record through rigorous training in best practice, recruitment of skilled and professional HSE Personnel, compliance and strict enforcement of safety regulations.

Key Safety Statistics: 2004-2012

Available on request

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