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DSV- PIPETRONIX LIMITED is an oil service company engaged in pipeline maintenance, and pipeline integrity survey.  These include the following activities: Cleaning, Stuck Pig Recovery, De-sanding/D-Scaling, Gauging, Filling, Auxiliary pumping services Pressure Testing, Inerting, De-watering, and drying, for Commissioning and Re-commissioning of new and old pipelines/Flow lines.

DSV- Pipetronix Ltd. offers caliper survey for pipeline/flow line geometric anomalies, such as dents, ovalities and bore restriction, intelligent pigging for wall thickness loss.  Both ultrasonic and magnetic flux leakage tools are employed to monitor the pipeline for both internal and external corrosion and other defects.

DSV PIPETRONIX LIMITED is currently handling the SPDC Pipeline Integrity Assessment phase (VII) EAST as well as Pigging for the Bonga FPSO Pipelines, Flowline & Risers. DSV PIPETRONIX is in partnership with Rosen for the provision of these quality services.

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