Flexsteel Products And Services

Generate indisputable life-cycle quality cost-effective and functional advantages

Flex Steel is a shrewd investment that generates indisputable life-cycle quality cost-effective
and functional advantages in a host of oil and gas applications.

DSV’s Flex Steel products and services is suitable for a wide variety of onshore and shallow
water applications including oil and gas production, water and injection flow lines. The
polyethylene liner allows for a low internal flow friction factor, which is superior to traditional
steel pipe. It is ideal for a range of installation methods such as; trenching, plowing, surface,
pipe rehabilitation, horizontal directional drilling, shallow water, etc.

Flex Steel considerably reduces right of way requirements and diminishes environmental impact. Installation is fast and easy, with no welding, coatings or x-ray needed. Flex Steel requires far less equipment and personnel, installation is up to 40% to 80% faster and 35% to 65% less costly than jointed steel. Due to its outstanding corrosion resistance and advanced flow characteristics, Flex Steel also delivers operations and maintenance savings for better value through-out the project life cycle. The fact that Flex Steel possesses superior external corrosion resistance eliminates the need for costly corrosion inhibition or monitoring programs

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